IncorpMaster™, as a government approved agency, offers all types of business registration services online for all provinces across Canada. As a customer, all you need to do is, to fill our very simple online form and submit. The remaining part is taken care by our lawyers, incorporation specialists and accountants.

Master Business Licence (MBL)

Register or renew your MBL
Applicable only for Ontario

Register a General Partnership

Agency Filing Fees $99
1 Hour Rush Service Available

Sole Proprietorship

Agency Filing Fees $49
1 Hour Rush Service Available

Limited Partnership (LP)

General partner and limited partner
For all Canadian provinces

Trade Name/DBA

Agency Filing Fees $29
1 Hour Rush Service Available

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Each partner has his own liability
Only for professional services

Incorporate Your Business (Limited Liablity)

Standard Corp.

For All Jurisdictions
2 Hours Rush Service Available

Extra-Provincial Registration

Register in additional province
For provincial or federal Corporations

Professional Corp.

For Certian Professions Only
2 Hours Rush Service Available

PREC Corporation Ontario

Personal Real Estate Corporation
Prepared by a Corporate Lawyer


Prepared by Corporate Lawyer
2 Hours Rush Service Available

Corp. for a Non-Resident

LLP, LLC and Offshore Company
Attorney & Bank Acocunt Assistance

Incorporated vs Unincorporated Entity

First question to be asked, are you looking to register a business that has limited liability and its own existence (legal entity)? If the answer is yes, then your only choice is to incorporate the business. A corporation may sound like a big business, but it's not necessary to be such. In Canada, most business starts with incorporation to avoid the risk of personal liability. When you incorporate, if anything wrong happens to your business, the liability goes to business itself, not to you personally. A very classical example: if somebody sue your business, and then the court order goes against your business, then the liability goes under the incorporated business, not your personal assets. On the otherhand, if your business is a unincorporated entity, the court can go after your personal property such as your house, car, bank accounts and other assets. Of course, corporation has many other benefits such as tax benefits, incorme spilt option and relatively easy to raise capital. A common benefit that a corporation enjoy is, when you spend for business purpose, including your car expenses, house rents etc. can be claimed and get corporate tax benefits as a corporation. Unlike an unincorporated business, a corporation has perpetual existence; which means the business doesn’t die at the death of its owner. A corporation’s name is more strongly protected than a non-incorporated business name. Therefore, if doing a business online where you could be present anywhere in Canada or outside of Canada, the best choice would be incorporating as a federal Corporation.