Nuans Canada Online (i.e. follows the legendary customer satisfaction business model. Therefore, we are proud to ensure our products & services with customers’ satisfaction. Service fees and applicable government fees are non-refundable.

Once we have received the order, our specialists start to process the order and hence we are unable to refund once we have started to process. Because we provide services and not a physical product, we are unable to refund as of physical products. However, if you have placed an order by error, please call us immediately (by 30 minutes of placing order) or send us an email if we are not reachable. The price is charged based on your total order package and no partial refund can be requested if the business is already registered.

For registration of a named business, providing a business name that is in compliance with government’s rules, is the mere responsibility of the client. In case a name is rejected, the client must provide an alternative name and give sufficient time for processing by the government. Alternatively, the client can proceed with numbered company. Nuans Canada Online (i.e. DOES NOT guarantee the name approval, since a name approval is subject to government body and thus, Nuans Canada Online (i.e. CANNOT issue refund in such case. For CRA Accounts and WCB/WSIB/WSB, it’s the mere responsibility of the customer to provide correct information on a timely manner. Failed to provide the correct information on a timely manner, may result the service to be delayed or incomplete, and Nuans Canada Online (i.e. does not issue refund for such case. A refund case is considered only and only if Nuans Canada Online (i.e. fails to register the business or fails to complete the services after all necessary information is provided on a timely manner. In case you experience a delay or non-satisfactory services, please do not hesitate to contact with the latest information on your order.


Upon review, if it’s found that customer has provided all necessary information timely, filled in the form with correct information and yet, Nuans Canada Online (i.e. has neglected the order or has caused delayed or failed to complete on certain elements of the order, a partial refund for the relevant services could be considered.  In such case, please prepare your payment receipts or order details or any equivalent proof of purchase. We would be very happy to correct ourselves and refund you if you have been wrongly billed. For any non-clarity on billing, please contact us as soon as possible.