Welcome to IncorpMaster, a registered member of Industry Canada.

IncorpMaster Canada Inc. is a firm specializing in the registration of trademarks in Canada, USA and EU. We are proud to file hundreds of trademark applications in every year. As a client, all you need to do is filling out the trademark application form, where you provide very basic information and our specialists do the rest for you.

Our specialists do the following step by step.

  1. Search the trademark word or logo in federal government (Industry Canada) database and all provincial government database in Canada. Because Incorpmaster, is a registered member of Industry Canada and provincial name database, we can estimate the rejection and approval probability.
  2. We will file if the approval chance is high, or else we will advise you if the chance of approval is low. You have option to proceed with same trademark word or propose with slight modification. We will provide guidelines in this case, what type of modification may work.
  3. Our specialists will make an assessment if the proposed trademark word or logo violates any the rule of Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)
  4. We draft the application on be half of you and file directly with CIPO and provide you the application reference number, so you may track the progress
  5. In case, you need logo design service, our professional logo designer can design your logo that meets the requirements of trademark application. The designer will offer 3 best choices to pick one, with unlimited modifications, if required.

    Our goal is to provide personalized and cost efficient trademark services.